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            At Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa, we are truly, madly, deeply, head over heels in love with weddings. In fact, our team has multiple decades of combined experience in helping make magical life-long memories and fairy-tale weddings come true.

            We know that there's not a “right way” to throw a wedding – only your way. And we make it our mission to plan your day the way you envisioned it. Whether you're dreaming of an intimate autumn reception, formal lakeside ceremony, or whimsical indoor wedding, our experts can work with you to customize a variety of exquisite onsite spaces to fit your wedding vision, perfectly.

            Through this wedding blog, you can anticipate reading expert wedding advice, planning and day-of tips, and trends, as well and get an intimate behind-the-scenes look of real couples and brides we've worked with at the resort.

            We look forward to sharing our expert advice, tips, and inspirational wedding photos and videos to help you plan and guide you through your big day. As you explore our Magical Midwest Wedding Blog please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like a tour of the resort - we'd be happy to host you.

            Wishing you a happily ever after,
            Your Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa Wedding Team

            Unique Ways To Incorporate Nature and Bold Colors Into Your Wedding

            February 2020

            Just engaged? Congratulations! We’re sure you’re very excited and overwhelmed, and we
            understand. However, we’re here to help and want to give you the best wedding ideas and insider
            tips we can. So, let’s start with colors and natural surroundings.
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            Seasonal Wedding Flowers and How To Utilize Them During Peak Season

            March 2020

            If you’re like us, you love flowers. However, when choosing flowers for your wedding, it can be overwhelming – trust us, we’ve been there. That’s why this month, we’re sharing our best wedding flower knowledge with you, including peak seasons that certain flowers are available and unique ways to utilize flowers during your wedding, aside from the obvious bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpiece.
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            Membership Programs & Privileges

            Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa provides membership options to suit your interests and level of involvement and most importantly, add value to your Eagle Ridge experience. Our distinct membership programs provide exclusive privileges to the amenities and activities at this world-class resort. Experience the bountiful pleasures of membership. Varying membership levels allow you to save money and take advantage of the amenities most desirable to you. Members enjoy access to the resort's recreational activities and facilities, including the pool, sauna, steam room and fitness center, and are invited to attend member events and much more.

            Explore Membership