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          2. Find Antique Treasures And Eclectic Treats

            Stop into any one of Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa's shops to suit all your needs. Peddlers, located within the main lodge, has gifts for everyone in your family from that special lady to your favorite children. Looking for some new golf duds? Check out the pro shops on each of our golf courses. Forgot some snacks or want to pack a lunch today? The General Store has you covered! 


            Located in the lobby area of the Main Lodge, this colorful boutique features unique women's and men's apparel, accessories, gifts and children's items. From clothing you may have forgotten at home, or souvenirs to remember your trip to Eagle Ridge, Peddlers offers just what you're looking for, along with a few surprises. For more information, call Peddlers at 815.776.5052.

            GOLF SHOPS 

            Located within the clubhouse of each of the resort's four championship golf courses, the Golf Shops at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa are stocked with everything you could want when playing a round of golf or just relaxing with a drink on the 19th Hole Our Golf Shops feature a complete line of upscale, quality golf merchandise, including men's and women's golf apparel, golf collectibles and golf equipment.

            ONLINE STORE

            Check out the online store at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa for everything from t-shirts and polo shirts to hats and swimwear.



            Golf Membership Programs & Privileges

            Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa provides golf membership options to suite your interests and level of play and more importantly add value to your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa experience. Our golf membership programs allow you to save money and take advantage of the amenities most desirable to you. Our golf members enjoy access to the resort's recreational activities and facilities including the pool, sauna, steam room and fitness center and are invited to attend golf member events and much more.

            Explore Membership